Customer case-none standard bolt

Update: 12-04-2023

The end customer is a project on a railroad project in […]

The end customer is a project on a railroad project in a European country

Product requirements:

1. 45-degree chamfering of the tooth pattern

2. 90-degree right angle without a crease

3. Smooth and flat surface

4. Surface zinc layer requirement 8-10um

For the second requirement, the mold needs to be modified, and the process needs to be adjusted, from the original long-force arm bending to short-force arm bending, resulting in a larger force on the machine, the machine force will have the problem accelerating the machine damage, so the general manufacturers are not willing to undertake this non-standard bolt (L-shaped bolt) orders, but we have been adhering to the principle of customer first, we took the order, and we feel very proud to use our products in the railroad project.

We cooperated with each other to deliver the big goods as fast as possible. The customer placed a large shipment of 100 tons and requested the first shipment on 3.20 and the whole shipment on 4.20. Usually, fastener factories have a delivery time of 50-60 days after the order is placed for large quantities of goods. However, the customer was in urgent need and wanted to increase the shipment batch, which was a challenge to our factory, but with the efforts of our staff, we rushed out the first batch of 12 tons for the customer in 25 days (including the pre-molding, proofing, and sample confirmation for 15 days), and then gave the customer 27 tons of L-bolts 10 days later. We admire Longcheng's staff for their hard work and for thinking of our customers.