What are the types and applications of commonly used non-standard screws? (1)

Update: 08-09-2020

Screws are a universal name for standard parts, and dai […]

Screws are a universal name for standard parts, and daily life applications are ubiquitous. What are non-standard screws? Except for national requirements, bolts formulated in accordance with international technical standards are standard screws. On the contrary, the selected specifications and models do not belong to Within the national standard, there are unique specifications, which are generally used for the use of fewer parts. This type of screw belongs to non-standard screws.
Common types of non-standard screws and their applications:
1. Embedded screws are suitable for suspension training and fixing of air-conditioning copper pipes, tap water pipes, electric pipes, suspended ceilings, etc.
2. Twisted round head non-standard screws can be applied on concrete, walls and perforated bricks to fix bathroom equipment.
3. Internally forced non-standard screws with internal teeth are used to fix natural marble, water pipes, electric pipes and angle steel.
4. Waterproof sleeve-type non-standard screws are suitable for fixing sound insulation boards and sanitary equipment.