How to weld the screws separately?

Update: 25-08-2020

According to the thread, this welding needle can be div […]

According to the thread, this welding needle can be divided into external thread welding needle and internal thread welding needle. According to the type, it can be divided into two types: head type and headless type. According to the material, screw manufacturers can be divided into carbon steel plated copper, stainless steel, copper and aluminum.
The standard size of this welding stud has national standards and regulations, and now all manufacturers are producing according to the standard.
Generally, welding screws are made of steel. It is planned to weld the head of the welding screw and the side of the valve seat, and the top of the welding screw should not be removed. Welding screws can prevent loosening well. In order to identify welding screws, there are three methods here.
1. From the appearance: In fact, from the appearance, the welding nail is equivalent to a larger nail, and the outer surface of the machine screw has a circle of threads. Generally, stainless steel welding screws are more common.
2. Identify from the product identification: Usually, the manufacturer of welding screws will mark the product identification on the head of the product when producing welding pins, such as product standards and some necessary parameters.
3. From the perspective of effect recognition: Speaking of effects, but from the perspective of the product name, it must be a fastener that connects the two parts and plays a role in connection. It can connect two parts that cannot be connected well.