What are the quality inspection methods of screws?

Update: 19-08-2020

The first inspection of electrical screws should be car […]

The first inspection of electrical screws should be carried out from the wire of the screw. The quality of thin screws is directly related to the wire used to produce the screws. Good screws, wires and open screws are more beautiful. What screw head burst, what floss is bad. A good screw wire usually does not find this situation.
Next is the detection of screw head forming. In terms of screw molding, the first step is to inspect and produce screw molds. It has good forming ability and can be made into high-quality screw products. The screw machine inspection during production is conducive to safe and stable production. Check the appearance of the forming screw to see if there are burrs, and check the size and length of the forming screw. Check whether these dimensions meet national standards or customer specific requirements.
The second is the detection of screw friction. Of course, the head of the screw is a tooth plate. All teeth coming out of a good dental plate must be able to pass the fail rule. Do not go or go. The other is to test the pitch. It is also necessary to meet the national standards and specifications of screws or customer requirements.
Finally, perform color inspection and salt spray test on the electroplated screws. Check the color of the plated screws. The smoothness of the screw surface. The salt spray test is to detect the rust time of the screw or how many hours the salt spray screw will rust. After that, we checked the delivery of the screws. The solution is to single out the unqualified screws. Provide customers with the highest quality screws. Ensure the quality of the screws.