What are the advantages of wood screws?

Update: 23-04-2020

The advantage of wood screws is that the consolidation […]

The advantage of wood screws is that the consolidation ability is stronger than the nail connection, and can be removed and replaced, which is less likely to hurt the wood surface and is more convenient to use.
1. Wood screws are commonly made of iron and copper. The types of the screws are round head, flat head, and oval head. The head of the screw is divided into two types: slotted screw and cross slotted screw. Round head screws are made of mild steel in blue, and flat head screws are polished. Elliptical head screws are usually plated with cadmium and chrome. They are often used to install loose-leaf, hook, and other hardware accessories. The specification is determined by the diameter, length and nail head type of the rod, and the unit is the box at the time of purchase.
Second, the installation of wood screw tool screwdriver is its loading and unloading tool, the shape matches the groove shape of the wood screw head and has a word and a cross shape; in addition there is a special screwdriver installed on the bow drill, suitable for loading and unloading larger wood screws It is more convenient and labor-saving.

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