What should I pay attention to in the daily maintenance of fasteners? (1)

Update: 13-05-2020

Fasteners may have unnecessary effects if they are not […]

Fasteners may have unnecessary effects if they are not maintained normally, but there are some things to pay attention to during the maintenance process. If they are done well, they can increase the service life. Let me popularize the relevant knowledge.
1. Pollution during rinsing
Fasteners need to be cleaned with silicate cleaner after quenching and then rinsed, so care should be taken when washing to prevent residues.
2. Unreasonable stacking of fasteners
After tempering, the fasteners will show signs of discoloration. After immersed in ether, there may be oily residues, indicating that the fastener surface is not clean. After analysis, it was shown that the fasteners were improperly stacked when heated, resulting in slight oxidation of the fasteners in the quenching oil.
3. Surface residue
There are white residues on the high-strength screws, and the instrument analysis proves to be phosphides. The reason for this reaction is that the acid cleaner was not cleaned and the rinse tank was not thoroughly checked.