What are the precautions for electroplating special-shaped screws?

Update: 12-08-2020

Everyone knows that special-shaped screws are not big i […]

Everyone knows that special-shaped screws are not big in specifications and specifications, and they are precision-processed. Electroplating is difficult and troublesome. Generally, they are sent to a professional electroplating factory for spot electroplating. There are also many aspects to pay attention to.
Special-shaped screws
1. The hardware screw model specifications are too close, and the specifications and lengths look similar. Large hardware expansion screws like self-drilling screws have to be plated separately. Otherwise, when it comes to plating, it is not good to score and the choice is not good.
2. Heavier screws and lighter screws, and smaller screws and larger screws must be plated separately. Otherwise, the two types may be encountered during the entire plating process, causing damage to the screws.
Special-shaped screws
3. Special-shaped screws are easy to be stuck together, and should be electroplated separately. Otherwise, two different types of screws with different specifications and specifications are stuck together and form a ball during electroplating. It is easy to cause the plating to fail. Even after electroplating, everyone can't separate these two types of screws.