What is the classification of precision screws?

Update: 04-08-2020

Precision screws are classified into self-tapping preci […]

Precision screws are classified into self-tapping precision screws and machine wire precision screws. Self-tapping precision screws are specifically represented by the tip end, and the teeth are mainly self-tapping. External thread is not easy to say, there are self-tapping external thread, organic chemical thread external thread. There are many types of self-tapping precision screw heads. There are pan heads, countersunk heads, and half countersunk heads. The top of the head also has built-in pads and no pads. The tail end is mainly manifested as a pointed tail self-tapping, a slotted self-tapping, a B tooth self-tapping, and a fast tooth self-tapping. Self-tapping precision screws include pan head self-tapping screws, countersunk head self-tapping screws, half countersunk head self-tapping screws, built-in pad self-tapping screws, cut-tail self-tapping screws, etc. Machine wire type precision screw refers to the flat end without the tip end, and its external thread is relatively symmetrical, and its appearance is similar to the self-tapping type.
The electroplating process of precision screws generally refers to iron precision screws, and stainless steel plate precision screws generally do not require electroplating unless specified by the customer. The color of precision screw plating process can be divided into environmental protection and non-environmental protection. The color of non-environmental protection precision screw electroplating process includes color zinc, white zinc, black zinc, black coated, white nickel, black nickel, blue zinc. The color of the precision screw electroplating process for environmental protection includes environmental protection color zinc, environmental protection white zinc, environmental protection blue zinc, environmental protection black zinc, environmental protection nickel, and environmental protection black zinc.